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Dental Sedation

Our Niagara Falls dentists offer oral sedation to provide a more comfortable dental experience for our patients. 

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Dental Sedation, Niagara Falls Dentist

When is Sedation Used?

Dental sedation is used most often for patients who experience dental anxiety, or during procedures that are lengthy and complex. 

For our more anxious patients, we find that just knowing they have the option to take a sedative can help them relax in the days before their appointments. And while they're with us, it allows them to face their procedure with a sense of calm that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

What is Oral Sedation?

With oral conscious sedation, your dentist gives you sedative medication (in pill or liquid form) about an hour before your procedure begins.

After the sedative begins to work, you will feel groggy and may even fall asleep. However, you'll still be able to communicate with your dental team if necessary. Once the procedure is finished, you'll awaken with a gentle nudge. You may only remember snippets of the experience afterwards.

Needle-Free Dental Sedation to Help You Relax

Many patients who feel anxious about going to their dentist also have a fear of needles, which are used when IV sedation is administered. However, with oral sedation, you can enjoy the benefits of sedation without the needle. 

FAQs About Oral Sedation

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about oral sedation at Falls Family Dental:

  • What is the difference between oral sedation and general anesthesia?

    General anesthesia is a type of unconscious sedation that is used in a surgical or hospital environment that renders the patient entirely unconscious during their procedure. 

    On the other hand, oral conscious sedation is taken as a pill or liquid about an hour before your procedure begins. While it can make you quite groggy and you may fall asleep, you'll still be able to communicate with your dentist during the procedure. This type of sedation is generally recommended for patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety or patients undergoing long or uncomfortable procedures. 

  • Can I drive myself to my appointment?

    No. Oral sedation affects your memory and motor skills. Please arrange to have a trusted friend or family member bring you to and from your appointment. 

  • How long does oral sedation take to wear off?

    Oral sedation usually lasts anywhere from two to eight hours after a dental procedure. How long it takes for sedation to wear off depends on the specific medication we have prescribed. Your dentist will provide you with detailed instructions prior to your procedure. 

  • What does sedation feel like?

    While sedation can affect each person differently, most people feel relaxed or drowsy during their procedure. Stress, anxiety and other negative feelings dissipate after sedation takes effect. 

    You may experience a tingling sensation in your hands, arms, legs and feet while under oral sedation.

Dental Sedation, Niagara Falls Dentist

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